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Tallis and Tefillin Bag made from exceptional leather, boasting a two-toned design. From the Paired Perfection Collection.

This model, in the textile, color and design featured, is also available in the following sizes:

  • Tefillin Bag - Classic - includes a singular Tefillin Bag (9.5" X 8.6").
  • Tallis Bag - Classic - includes a singular Tallis Bag (14.5" X 11.4").
  • SET: Tallis and Tefillin - Classic - includes 1 large Tallis bag (14.5" X 11.4") and one small Tefillin bag (9.5" X 8.6").

  • Tallis Bag - Large (Chabad) - includes a singular Tallis Bag (16.5" X 14.5").
  • SET: Bar Mitzvah - Large (Chabad)- includes 1 large bag (19.6" X 10.6") and 2 small Tefillin bags (9" X 8.6").
  • SET: Tallis and Tefillin - Large (Chabad) - includes 1 large Tallis bag (16.5" X 14.5") and two small Tefillin bags (9" X 8.6").

  • Tefillin Bag - Extra Large (Chassidim) - includes a singular Tefillin Bag (10.5" X 10.5").
  • Tallis Bag - Extra Large (Chassidim) - includes a singular Tallis Bag (16" X 16").
  • SET: Tallis and Tefillin - Extra Large (Chassidim) - includes 1 large Tallis bag (16" X 16") and one small Tefillin bag (10.5" X 10.5").

    How to Order:

    1. Select the Tallis Bag that you would like to order.
    2. Add your accessories and embellishments to the bag.
    3. Enter the name that you would like embossed or embroidered in the color and font that you prefer.
    4. After adding your product to the basket, there is a place for you to enter additional requests or comments.
    5. Your exquisite bag is on its way to you!

    If you are interested in further customizing your bag, (with either a custom size, leather, or design), do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone 929-260-0231.

    Disclaimer: Every piece of natural leather responds differently to the tanning process, which may result in irregularities in the texture and colors.